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Project details


Case study video


Mercedes AMG GT


Mercedes-Benz Turkey

Target Audience

A+ income level people and car enthisuasts


To create an awareness for Mercedes-Benz in Super Car category, to bring AMG GT forward among its rivals by using the awareness and get a market share.

Strategy Applied

We’ve used the homonym of two Turkish words Test Sürüşü (Test Drive) & Ses Sürüşü (Sound Drive) and created the concept of Sound Drive, since AMG GT is a niche product and not everyone will have the chance to have a test drive.

Among our strategy, we created a web site called Turkey’s First Sound Drive and a mini-online competition. We made holophonic recordings of AMG GT, which were recorded on three different tracks. Then we installed these recordings to our web site and gave the users a unique experience of what it would sound like, if they drove an AMG GT; what we call a Sound Drive. At the end of their experience, we asked them to send a tweet with the hashtag #turkiyeninilksessurusu to win one of the 50 AMG GT mini toys.


Our micro site received nearly 200K unique visitors with an average of 02:00 spent on the site. 60% of our visitors experienced at least one Sound Drive til the end. Average Sound Drive count per user was 1,3. Nearly 12K tweets were sent with the specified hashtag, receiving nearly 1M reach.

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